Hummer ZX


  • Isolated PSU and hard drives
  • Acrylic side window
  • Speed controller for up to 5 fans
  • Great choice for liquid cooling systems
  • Includes 3 120mm fans
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Hummer ZX

Hummer ZX is in mid tower chassis format with multiple storage options and a full ventilation system, where you can install all components in an orderly manner, without compromising design or space.

Stylish design

Hummer ZX has an elegant aluminum front grille low resistance metal, which ensures quiet and efficient performance, allowing a large flow of air inside to keep all components nicely chilled.

Its design with clean lines surround a large space to accommodate high-performance components and advanced cooling systems to achieve the greatest potential of all components.

It permits incorporating acrylic window to see all the components inside your computer.

Easy access

In the upper panel are two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports and audio connections. In addition, it has two speed controllers to control up to five fans of the interior, thanks to which we can regulate the speed of these three positions: LOW / STOP / HIGH.

Ventilation system

Hummer ZX is designed so that the airflow into the equipment is optimal. It has three pre-installed 120 mm fans, two on the front and one on the back. In addition, you can install two additional 120mm fans on top.

It has a compartment at the bottom to locate the PSU and hard drives, so that the heat generated by these not be transferred to other components.

Thanks to the front grille and fans, the flow of cold air will enter directly into to cool the graphics card and other components. The arrangement of the PSU and the rear fan, help expel all the heat to the outside, allowing an effective airflow.

Cooling options

A high-performance equipment requires a higher cooling, which will maintain in perfect operation of all components, so Hummer ZX offers the possibility of containing liquid cooling systems, incorporating among other details grommet holes.

Hummer ZX has space to mount three radiators, one front 120/240 mm 120/240 mm an upper and a rear 120mm, thus offering infinite combinations to contain a higher cooling system.

Cable management

Thanks to the large side for cable management behind the motherboard, you can perform a clean and orderly assembly, so that nothing influences the airflow.

Inside Hummer ZX can be installed very long graphics cards, up to 415 mm and has 7 expansion slots. It also allows coolers accommodate a maximum height of 160 mm.

Large storage capacity

Hummer ZX has space to install up to 7 storage units, as it has two external bays of 5.25 "and capacity for five more units inside, two 3.5" at the bottom and three SSD of 2.5 "on the sides..

Hummer ZX allows to install Three SSD in the side panel of the chassis , behind the motherboard, which makes better use of the interior space and contributes to improve the air flow. In addition, it is possible to take advantage of the lower bays of 3.5 "by installing in its place, a 2.5 SSD" in a lateral way.

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Isolated PSU and hard drives, Acrylic side window, Speed controller for up to 5 fans, Great choice for liquid cooling systems, Includes 3 120mm fans, Excellent cable management system, Top magnetic dust filter, Space to install up to 5 fans, Compatible with large graphics cards


ATX; Micro ATX

Cooling system

Front: 2x 120mm (included), Top: 2x 120 mm (not included), Rear: 1x 120mm (included)

Water cooling option

Front: 120/240 mm, Top: 120/240 mm, Back: 120 mm


2x 5.25’’


2x 3.5’’; 3x 2.5’


2x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0; HD Audio; Mic


Cooler CPU: 160 mm (max), VGA: 415 mm (max)


SPCC steel chassis, Front panel of ABS plastic and metal mesh

Expansion slots



Standard ATX supports (not included)




200 x 502 x 486 mm (W x H x D)


5.9 Kg


Black, White, White, Black