Hummer ZS


  • Isolated PSU and HDD compartment for optimal cooling performance
  • Transparent side window
  • Two fan speed controllers with 3 positions (LOW/STOP/HIGH)
  • Water cooling systems ready
  • Two 120 mm fans included
  • SD/micro SD card reader

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Hummer ZS

Hummer ZS is the most compact chassis from Hummer series. A mid tower available in black and white with a large acrylic window that lets you see all components. Inside, you can install a high performance computer system with the best features.

Access and front panel

The front panel has two 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports and HD audio connectios. On the side panel you can find two fan controllers to control up to 4 fans, adjustable in 3 positions: LOW / STOP / HIGH. Hummer ZS has a SD/micro SD card reader which facilitates accessibility connections of all our external devices.

Management cable system and airflow

Thanks to the large side for cable management, it is possible a clean and tidy installation for better air flow.

Hummer ZS is the smallest of Hummer series, but has a big space to install a high performance system with high end graphic cards up to 380 mm and CPU coolers with a máximum height of 161 mm.

Storage options

Hummer ZS has a several storage options, with capacity to install up to 6 drives, two external 5.25’’ drive bays and capacity to install more units inside, two 3.5’’ HDD and two 2.5’’ SSD. This detail allows better use of the space inside, to make a cleaner assembly to help improve airflow.


Hummer ZS continues with the distinctive design of Hummer series, with sober and elegant finishes. The front is designed with brush effect and metal mesh details. The acrylic window on the side allow you to have a perfect view inside.

Cooling system

Hummer ZS has an excellent cooling system wich ensures an efficient airflow inside the PC. It has two preinstalled 120 mm fans, one on front panel and one on rear panel. Additionally, it offers the possibbility to install three 120 mm fans more; two on front panel and one on rear panel.

It has a compartment at the bottom to locate the PSU and HDD, so that the heat released by these is not transferred to other components. In addition, this compartment has the possibility to install two 120 mm fans on top.

On top panel has a **magnetic anti dust filter*, which also help to keep the PC clean.

Water cooling system ready

For all components can operate at maximum performance, it is necessary to maintain proper cooling, thereby Zummer ZS has the possibility to install inside water cooling systems. Its has space for 240 mm dual radiator on front panel and 120 mm on top and rear panel.

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0.5 mm SPCC chassis, ABS plastic and metal mesh details