Hummer TGX Rainbow


  • Glass tempered side and front panels
  • Four 140 mm RGB fans included
  • HDD drive trays included
  • Magnetic dust filter on top panel
  • PSU dust filter included
  • Isolated PSU and HDD compartment
  • Fan speed controller with 3 positions (LOW/STOP/HIGH)
  • RGB LED lighting fans with Rainbow effect
  • Color sequence control
  • Up to 9 fans capability
  • Excellent cable management system
  • High end graphics support

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Hummer TGX Rainbow

Hummer TGX Rainbow moves up a notch its predecesor appearance, Nox’s Hummer TGX. This evolution incorporates to its powerful RGB LED fans the spectacular Rainbow lighting effect, which synchronizes an awesome colors shifting from one fan to another across the whole chassis

Striking and elegant design

E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX e ITX compatible, Hummer TGX Rainbow is a tower type chassis with an edgy design, intended for a high performance equipment installation.

Hummer TGX Rainbow features both sides in tempered glass, providing a perfect view of the system’s inside and its installed components.

Furthermore, Hummer TGX Rainbow comes with a front black tempered glass and LED RGB lighting with rainbow effect, which synchronizes a color shifting that unfurls throughout the whole chassis, from its three front and rear preinstalled fans, and all along the three extra fans you can install in its top panel.

Quick and easy accesibility

Hummer TGX Rainbow sets on top all the essential connections: two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports, as well as the fan speed control, the color sequence controller and the audio connections.

Room for maximum efficiency

To maximise every component’s performance through an optimal cooling it is posible with Hummer TGX Rainbow, for it can house double and even triple liquid refrigeration systems installations.

Powerful cooling system

With 4 preinstalled 140mm powerful LED RGB fans (three at the front and one at the rear), Hummer TGX Rainbow allows 3 extra 120 or 140mm fans at its top

To help keeping an optimal inner temperature, Hummer TGX Rainbow features also a lower compartment where to place PSU and hard drives, thus preventing its heat to be transfered to other components.

Perfect airflow

Thanks to its 3 front fans, a flow of cold air will enter directly into Hummer TGX Rainbow to cool all its installed components.

The strategic placement of both PSU and rear fan will help expelling outside all of the heat, allowing an efficient airflow.

In addition, Hummer TGX Rainbow featues a magnetic dust filter on its top and a removable filter in the PSU area, which makes easier to keep the chassis in a perfect state for an optimal cooling level.

High performance

As a chassis intended for high performance equipments’ creation, Hummer TGX Rainbow allows liquid cooling systems housing for an optimal cooling, keeping all components operativeness in perfect conditions.

A wide range of possibilities

Hummer TGX Rainbow has room to install a front radiator of 360, 240 or 120 mm replacing its three pre-installed front fans. However, if you want to keep the fans in the front, it is possible to house a radiator of 360, 240 or 120 mm in the top panel, achieving a superior cooling system.

In addition, Hummer TGX Rainbow is designed for a perfect cable management. It has space for a clean and efficient assembly, preventing any airflow problem inside the equipment.

Interior space

The large interior of the Hummer TGX Rainbow allows the installation of great length graphics, up to 430mm. On the other hand, it is possible to house coolers with a maximum height of 175 mm, which will allow you to install almost any high end cooler on the market.

Large storage capacit

Hummer TGX Rainbow has space to install up to six SSDs, all on its interior side panel. In addition, it has a lower compartment in which it is possible to install two SSD units or three units of 3.5".

All of this allows Hummer TGX Rainbow to offer multiple storage options, always taking care of the heat levels inside the PC, thanks to the interior side panel and the lower compartment.

Additional information


Side panels and tempered glass front (4 mm), 4 140 mm fans with RGB LED included, Compatible with liquid cooling systems 360 mm, Compatible with graphics up to 430 mm, Source and hard drives in isolated compartment, Magnetic anti-dust filter on top panel, Capacity to install up to 9 fans, RGB lighting with Rainbow effect, Color sequence control, Speed ​​control for fans

Motherboard form factor


Ventilation system

• Front: 3x 140 mm RGB (included), • Rear: 1x 140 mm RGB (included), · Top: 3x 120/140 mm (optional), · Tray base plate: 2x 120/140 mm (optional), **– Integrated controller capable of controlling up to 6 fans (3 pin). Additional fans can be connected to the motherboard or to an additional controller, not included.**

Internal Bay

6x 2.5''; 3x 3.5'' o 2x 2.5'' + 1x 3.5''


Cooler CPU: 175 mm (maximum height), VGA: 430 mm (maximum length), PSU: 275 mm (maximum length), Liquid refrigeration, Front 360 / 240 / 120 mm o 420 / 280 / 140 mm, Rear 120 / 140 mm, Top: 360 / 240 / 120 mm or 420 / 280 / 140 mm, Base plate tray: 240 / 120 mm


Steel chassis SPCC 0.9 mm, Front panel and sides of tempered glass 4 mm

Expansion Slots



2x USB 2.0; 2x USB 3.0; HD audio




Standard ATX compatible source (not included)


235 x 515 x 500 mm (AN x AL x PR)


10.7 Kg