• 120mm fan
  • Double Rainbow ARGB LED ring
  • Anti-vibration rubber pads
  • High airflow
  • Compatible with all Hummer and Infinity cases with a built-in 3-pin connection controller

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The Hummer S-FAN is a 120mm fan with ARGB lighting designed to complete your Nox setup (compatible with all Hummer and Infinity cases with a built-in 3-pin connection controller) and be customized with a spectacular color show whilst at the same time maintaining an optimal temperature in its interior.

A rainbow within its double ring

A compact and functional design of 120mm and 3 pins with a double ARGB Rainbow LED ring with which you can customize your setup, thanks to all the possibilities that S-FAN offers you when it comes to creating different atmospheres and synchronizing them with the colors of the rest of your gear.

Compatible with ARGB configurations

The Hummer S-FAN has been designed as the perfect accessory for setups with ARGB compatibility where you can synchronize an entire color show and at the same time maintain an optimal temperature inside your equipment. It has a three-pin power connector and three-pin ARGB connector, and also a male ARGB connector to connect more fans.

Stable and silent

The Hummer S-FAN combines technology and functionality in the cooling of your PC.

It comes with 4 anti-vibration rubber pads that absorb noise, making it a silent fan, even when your PC is running at full capacity for hours.
In addition, these supports contribute to the stable and safe running of your equipment, with a guaranteed lifespan of up to 40,000 hours.

Additional information


120 x 120 x 25 mm

Fan speed

1100 RPM

Air flow

32 CFM (max.)

Acoustic level

22 dB

Static pressure

1.2 mm H2O


5V (LED) ~ 12V (fan)


12V : 0,15A


Hydro bearing


3 pins


150 g

Cable lenght

650 mm

Service life

40.000 hours

LED color