• 120 mm fan
  • Double LED RGB Rainbow ring
  • Ultra silent with anti-vibration rubber pads
  • High air flow
  • Compatible with any chassis with a built-in 6-pin connection controller *
  • (Except Infinity ATOM)

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Nox D-FAN is a 120mm 6-pin fan designed to adapt to your new Nox configuration without the need for high cooling power.

Optimum airflow

Make your configuration complete with Nox D-FAN, the fan designed to provide your Nox configuration with the ventilation needed to perform at its best during long sessions.

It has 9 aerodynamic blades which move a high flow of air, maintaining optimal cooling throughout the equipment at a low noise level.

16.8 million colors

An innovative design equipped with a double Rainbow RGB LED ring for which you can personalize the lighting effects, creating different atmospheres and synchronizing them with the colors of the rest of your gaming rig.

Nox D-Fan is designed for Nox configurations with RGB compatibility, within which you´ll be able to feel the ventilation cycle with all the fun of the color, adapting it perfectly to the style of your PC.

Silent Ventilation

The D-Fan offers ultra-quiet ventilation for hours thanks to the anti-vibration pads which absorb vibrations located in its corners, giving your setup high performance at a low noise level.

In addition, these rubber supports bring stability and durability to your ventilation, thanks to hydraulic bearings that guarantee a shelf-life of 40,000 years.

Additional information


120 x 120 x 25 mm

Fan speed

1100 RPM

Air flow

32 CFM (max.)


22 dB

Presión Estática

5V (LED) ~ 12V (fan)

Rated current

12V : 0,15A


Hydro bearing


6 pins


150 g

Cable lenght

650 mm

Operation life

40.000 hours