• 12-port HUB (x6 for ARGB fans | x6 for ARGB devices)
  • 59 lighting effects compatible with the best motherboards brands
  • Remote control included (fan speed and lighting effects control)

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With the Nox Hummer R-HUB controller you can synchronize six fans and up to six ARGB devices. This remote-controlled hub will allow you to regulate the speed and lighting effects of your computer's fans. Fully compatible with technology from the best motherboard brands on the market, such as MSI's Mystic Light Sync, GIGABYTE's RGB Sync or the Aura RGB Sync from Asus, the Nox Hummer R-HUB is the perfect solution for total control over the lighting throughout your whole setup.

ARGB power for millions of possibilities

Dress your computer in the gaming aesthetic you've been searching for by customizing your fans and synchronizing them with the other components of your setup, so you can bring it to life and light up your victories on any battlefield, celebrating conquests with impressive light shows. You'll be able to create more complex configurations effortlessly.

With remote control

With compact dimensions of 104 x 48 x 16mm, the ARGB controller from Nox includes not only the power supply connecting cable and the cable which synchronizes with the motherboard, but also a remote controller that will allow you to control the speed of the fans and their lighting mode, so you can adapt the effects to your style of play at all times. This means you'll be able to change the speed and lighting without having to use the buttons included on the hub itself.

Easy connection

Installation is extremely simple thanks to high quality connectors that facilitate the connection. The Nox Hummer R-HUB has a 12-port hub that will allow you to connect six 12V ports in order to connect six ARGB fans in series, as well as six 5V ports for six ARGB devices. This means you will be able to synchronize, among other things, LED strips, and control the speed of these without difficulties.

Additional information

HUB dimensions

104 x 48 x 16mm

12V ports

x6 (for ARGB fans)

5V ports

x6 (for ARGB devices)

Remote control functions

Control of fan speed and lighting effects

Output current

3A (12V), 6A (5V)