Card ID


  • Smart card reader and writer
  • Windows, MacOS and Linux compatible
  • Wide range of supported standards
  • Plug & play: ultra-simple configuration

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Nox Lite Card ID

The Nox Lite Card ID is a DNIe and smart card reader which connects via USB 2.0 to allow you to carry out admin and transfer data at a maximum speed of 420 KBPS, securely and reliably.


The Nox Lite Card ID is an extremely light smart card reader and writer, whose compact size means you can take it wherever you need to. It takes up so little space that you'll be able to use it comfortably alongside your laptop or desktop computer.

A secure connection

With the USB 2.0 connection, you'll be able to identify yourself and carry out various procedures that require the identification of your DNIe, as well as other operations using smart cards, such as procedures related to online banking. All this, with the security of a trustworthy device that comes with guarantees.


Transfer your data at a speed of up to 420 KBPS. The Nox Lite Card ID complies with all standards and protocols around the connection of DNIe cards and personal identification.

Easy connection

Managing your admin will be easy with the Nox Lite Card ID, which allows you to identify yourself securely online. Requiring no additional software installation, this DNIe and smart card reader compatible with Windows, Linux and iOS makes carrying out administrative tasks electronically as simple as connecting it.