Hummer MC Pro


  • ARGB lighting
  • Isolated PSU and HDD compartment
  • Rubber finished front panel
  • Fan speed controllers
  • Excellent cable management system
  • Dust filters
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Hummer MC

Hummer MC Pro is the optimized version of the classic Hummer MC, the most spectacular chassis in the entire Nox catalog. With an attractive and elegant design available in two colors, black and white, it maintains its features, including its impressive acrylic side panel, through which its striking interior can be seen, incorporating the new ARGB technology.

Hummer MC Pro is a semi-tower with generous space that ensures an efficient and comprehensive setup, now in full color, with impressive results.


The Hummer MC Pro is a spectacular, robust and spacious semi-tower of 206 x 470 x 460 mm, which is presented, like its much-praised predecessor, in two colors: the already classic, but impressive, black and the luminous white, and now including ARGB technology too.

The ARGB lighting is present at the top and bottom of its acrylic window, offering you a view of pure visual spectacle; a neat interior that offers a brilliant construction of its components.
Taking care of the details, the elegant design of the Hummer MC Pro is enhanced in black by a rubber effect finish and, in its white tone, by a glossy finish.


Unlimited color customization options. The new Hummer MC PRO features ARGB Rainbow lighting that will leave you speechless, with one front ARGB LED strip and two ARGB LED strips located on the side, at both the top and bottom of the acrylic window, perfect for those users seeking to create impressive lighting effects, since each ARGB LED strip allows you to show several colors at the same time in different lighting modes, and can be controlled from the top panel.

The Hummer MC PRO offers three different lighting modes:

· Breathing Effect, for color transition at low speed.

· Color Cycle, in which the colors change and alternate intermittently.

· Fixed Color, allowing your choice of a fixed color, with the possibility of putting it in breathing mode

The desired colors flow smoothly, displaying the stunning full-color construction, and providing a clear view of its internal components, also illuminated.

Access and front panel

The Hummer MC Pro features one high-speed USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, and an audio connection, as well as two speed controllers, also located on its top panel, for a total of five fans in three positions: LOW / STOP / HIGH. In addition, the upgraded ARGB chassis is compatible with Micro-ATX and ATX size motherboards, thus adjusting to the different needs of individual users.

Ventilation system

Its ample space ensures a perfect cooling system, having been redesigned to house up to five fans, including two in pre-installation, one front and one rear. In addition it is able to accommodate an extra two fans in its front part and a third in the upper area, all 120 mm, guaranteeing optimal ventilation.

On the other hand, it also features an exclusive compartment in which to position the PSU and HDD, so that the heat of these components is not transferred to the rest of the elements of the chassis.
In addition, the Hummer MC Pro includes, on the top, magnetized dust filters which are very easy to insert and take out without the need to disassemble, facilitating cleaning, and providing you with the best maintenance experience possible.

Cooling system

With superior cooling, the Hummer MC Pro features an insulated compartment for the power supply that ensures optimum performance, always keeping your equipment at the right temperature. In the same way, it also includes the possibility of incorporating liquid cooling thanks to its ample space, which allows for a proper cooling of the system.

On the other hand, its excellent cable management avoids any possible interference with air flow, allowing simple assembly in addition to proper distribution of the different components. This offers a premium appearance whilst showing off the interior in an incredible way.

Quality storage

In terms of storage capacity, it also has space for two HDDs and two SDDs of 3.5" and 2.5", respectively, located on the bottom and the side of the chassis. The Hummer MC Pro supports large graphics cards, including those up to 380 mm maximum length. It also allows coolers with a maximum height of 161mm.

Additional information


ARGB lighting

Different lighting modes

Isolated PSU compartment for optimal cooling performance

Transparent side panel

Fan speed controller for up 5 fans

Great option for water cooling system

Excellent cable management system

Dust filters

High speed USB 3.0 port

High end graphics support

Chassis type

Mid tower


ATX, Micro ATX

Internal bays

2x 3.5'', 2x 2.5''

Cooling system

· Front: 3x 120mm (1 included)

· Rear: 1x 120mm (included)

· Top: 1x 120 mm (not included)

· PSU: 2x 120mm (not included)

· Speed control for 4 fans


CPU cooler: 161mm (max height)

VGA: 380mm (max lenght)

Water cooling option:

— Front: 120/240 mm

— Top: 120 mm

— Rear: 120 mm


SPCC steel chassis, ABS plastic front panel


1x USB 3.0, 2x USB 2.0, HD audio

Expansion slots




Power supply

Standard ATX (not included)


206 x 460 x 470 mm (W x H x D)


4.8 Kg


Hummer MC Pro Black, Hummer MC Pro White